Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Q and A Corner

Is it bad form to reply to a break up note? Should you just believe them when they say its not you, its them? My answer to both of these questions is ‘yes.’ - wink. wink.

Monday, November 29, 2004

The Business of Images

A two-bit hustling pop maker attempted to convince kids that image is nothing. The truth is, image is EVERYTHING and in order to sell a record two gillion (that’s a two with like, a kabillion zeroes tacked on to the back) inaugural issues of Lorraine and James, we need an image on the cover that people will not be able to walk away from. If you know anyone with that kind of talent, if you are anyone with that kind of talent, email me . I have a can’t-lose-so-why-hesitate opportunity in queue.

We will be waiting with antsy pants and baited breath for our beloved, but as yet unknown photographer to arrive in our inbox and flash us with photos so startling and irresistible that we would have no choice but to devour them with grateful kisses - via email of course - and make them deals no sane (read: freelance) artist could refuse.

Okay that’s all. My pupils are as dry as late Fall leaves. I have just finished doing that thing I hate so much and as a result, now feel the need to take leave of this day.

I trust that everyone had a gorgeous Thanksgiving and if not, be thankful it’s over.

Until we meet again,

Lorraine and James

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A Thought for the Holiday

Say Something.

Do Something.

Give Something.

Change Something.

Read Something.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from all of us at
Lorraine and James.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Building a Home

We are in the process of building a permanent home on the web for Lorraine and James. A beautiful, inviting, spacious quarter where all of you can come visit, stretch out, relax and be easy; read something, maybe even write something. There are so many things to decide when building what will be ones home and secondary face to the literary world for the next, hopefully, thirty plus years. (I’m talking tiny crazy things that no twenty-first century brain should be forced to think about like a favorite out of sixty-three different shades of green. Who knew?!)

To this end, I could use your help/opinion. If you have a favorite site, one that you think, as a writer, is an inviting, conducive place to contemplate (It doesn’t have to be literary although that helps me tremendously), email me and let me know about it. PLEASE!

Thank you again and again,

Lorraine and James

a thing i thought today

1.) Diligence is the great precursor to success. (This is really for me but use it if you like)

2.) I was thinking about posting when I send out an acceptance. Would that be gratuitous?

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Too Much Good Stuff.

Isn't this some company's slogan? Fast food joint? Shoe store?

Nevertheless, if they don't mind I am going to take this opportunity to borrow. It is apropos to the situation the editorial staff and I find ourselves in less than two months after hanging out our shiny new “open for business” banners on the various, crowded awnings of the world wide web.

We have received some extraordinary pieces of fiction from writers from Ontario to Philly, Paris to Inglewood -California that is. Nothing short of gut-busting was a story I read a couple of days ago. First I read it to my self, interrupting the perfect flow of it with spitting laughter. So funny was this story that immediately after I had finished reading it, I called another of the tireless readers on staff and read it to him. Needless to say he had to take over as the story was even funnier out loud (I think some of the good parts got lost in all of the initial cackling) and midway through the second read I was doubled over in literal tears. I can not recall the last time I read a story that made me laugh to the point of weeping. It was a reading experience with few parallels and I was thrilled to be taking part. So many other stories were fantastic, jaw dropping and full of introspection that I began to feel like we might be collecting stories today for issues 1 and 2 of this first Volume.

There were many other stories that made my brows knit. This is for those:

There is something you should know about the brand of fiction we like and are looking for here at Lorraine and James and as we do not yet have an issue available for you to peruse in order to get a feel for our flavor, here is a hint: Fiction should have dialogue. Good, relevant dialogue. This dialogue should be used not only to convey information from one party to another but should also tell us something about the character relaying it. Now, I know you're thinking that this goes without saying. It doesn't. Trust me.

Here at Lorraine and James we like to hear the voices of the various, quirky and astonishing characters that you have spent so much time creating; placing in picturesque or vile settings, imbuing with complicated emotions and idiosyncrasies. Before you shut the door on them, leaving them to fend for themselves in the cruel Midwestern winter, pantomiming their tales through the frosted windows of a narrator's rendition of their story, consider how much more interesting they might be if you invited them in, allowed them to sit and chat awhile with the reader. We might all be quite pleased and entertained by what they have to say.

Again, thank you and keep the works rolling in,

wordjunkie/editor/readin’ fool
Lorraine and James

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Well Who Are YOU?!

This was a question emailed to me recently, today, okay twenty minutes ago. But it felt so urgent and after I thought about it, so relevant that I had to quickly scoot on over here and answer it. Some other important questions were also asked and I will address those as well.

In what Medium are you publishing and how often?
Lorraine and James is scheduled to publish in print three times a year. The first issue will premiere in June 2005. Thereafter it will publish every October, February and June.

What does Global Urban Literature mean? Am I urban enough?
GUL describes stories from writers all over the world with perspectives that are not always on the front page or between the glossy covers of the things we read most often.

If you have a story to tell, from some point on the planet that can transcend to someone else at some other point on the planet, your story qualifies. Please keep in mind that it MUST also be well written, structurally sound and evocative, with great images, language and psychology. I could go on and on but I trust that it will suffice to say it should be your best work.

And now the twenty-two million dollar question………


I am a woman
A writer
A Friendster
A UCLA writer’s program activist (but any of the good ones are great)
And a mom - Hi Stori! Hi Caleb!

I’d rather not divulge my exact street address as I have now, in such a short period of time, made as many writers-not-so-happy-with-me associations, as friends. But I will say that I live in a bustling artistic district in sunny Southern California. In the past I have worked in entertainment (movies and music) the beauty business, sang songs for change (silver not world) and held the same pose in god-awful heels for incalculable hours for a single perfect shot (this is overrated!) I am a young woman with more guts than money and more money than connections but the connections that I do have are influential, love me and Lorraine and James and are committed to seeing it flourish. Isn’t that the story of all successful new ventures? And now I have the works of so many talented writers like you which - trust me - is half the blasted battle.

Is there anything else? Come on, ask me. I dare you!

Yours Truly(but call before you drop by),

Lorraine and James

Why a blog instead of a website?

We set up his blog for two reasons, the first and foremost being that while our site is being built and while we are still advertising our open submissions call, writers like you can have somewhere definitive to come for answers without having to email our editors back and forth. This is important because if there were no blog and instead only email, that would allow for approximately zero hours to read the actual work. (As far as a group of people go, you all ask a LOT of questions)

The second reason and the one that has begun to shape what we hope will be a long standing practice, is the great ability to communicate with you. I have been getting so many emails from writers telling me how glad they are that we are giving them information, talking back to them – bonding if you will – in a way that they crave, having just sent their souls (or their latest humdrum piece- come on admit it) out into the abyss. They enjoy the feedback, they say. And even though it is not specifically related to them (if it is, they know!) they like that it gives the process skin and bones.

So that’s why. That’s us and we’re here. Come again soon.

Lorraine and James

Monday, November 15, 2004

a word about rejection letters

I just had to come here and purge. I have begun sending out rejection letters and it feels much like I would imagine having your intestines branded with the words ‘this sucks’ might feel. Not good. Not good at all. I want to commend the spirit of writers everywhere who submit work to publications like Lorraine and James. You are the reason we get to do what we love. And remember, a rejection letter could be a reflection of any number of things but never is it a reflection of you. (If that sounded corny, so what. I’m feeling emotional)

Thank you again,

Lorraine and James

Saturday, November 13, 2004



Do you accept unsolicited submissions? And if so, what types of manuscripts are you looking for?

We accepted unsolicited submissions. We consider short stories (3,000- 10,000 wds), creative non-fiction, essays and poetry. We avoid genre, popular formula or commercial fiction created for the sole purpose of entertainment, without the capacity to illuminate.

What is Lorraine and James’ reading period?
We accept submissions on a rolling basis at this time. Feel free to send your very best work as soon as it is ready.

Do you run any contests?
We are not running any contests at this time but intend to in the near future. Check back for updates/details.

How much can I submit at one time?
Send as much as you’d like as often as you’d like. As we are not sure how long we will be able to maintain this volume, we would suggest you take advantage of it while it lasts.

Can I submit work via e-mail?
Yes. It is the only way we accept it. Please e-mail all submissions with Bio to Lorraine and James

Can I submit work simultaneously to another publication?
Yes, as long as you indicate that a submission is simultaneous and notify us immediately if it is accepted elsewhere.

Do you accept previously published work?
No, we do not publish any previously published work. Our definition of "published" is material distributed in any way (print or electronic) to the public, meaning more than a workshop, or friends, or family. Material that has appeared in any publication, print or web, would be considered previously published.

How long will it take to get a response to my submission?
We typically respond within twelve weeks. If you have not heard from us please email us

Do you pay? What rights does this buy?
We pay $50 - $200 for published submissions. For this we acquire First Rights which revert back to you upon publication and one-time rights to publish in an anthology.


What is your contact information?
We can be contacted via email

Are there any Job opportunities available at Lorraine and James?
We are currently looking for a Poetry Editor. All interested parties should submit relevant experience and Bio to Lorraine and James email

Submissions Call

Lorraine and James is looking for original, unpublished stories for its inaugural issue.

We are seeking work that is both well written and engaging. If your short story is chosen for publication in Lorraine and James it will be handled with care and published in a handsome quarterly for a ready audience of keen, eager readers in the US and abroad.

An honorarium of $50 -$200 will be paid for all published submissions.

Multiple and simultaneous submissions okay. First rights are required.

At this time we are accepting short fiction, creative non-fiction essays and poetry. No children’s stories or novel excerpts unless self-contained. Women writers from across the globe are especially encouraged to submit.

All submissions will be accepted via email ONLY at this time. lorraineandjames@yahoo.com

We look forward to reading your work.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Lessons We Learned Today - Vol. 1 No.1

That people are not necessarily ready to hear that their writing is not ready to publish

That when you give someone your honest opinion, it too falls in the catagory of "things subjective" and not to take their raging email hostilities personally

That nothing ventured is nothing gained (I hope somebody else learned this today as well)

That there are still spine tingling writers that have yet to be discovered by the wider audience and that I must somehow figure out a way to facilitate that

That it is impossible to tire of stories written by men who understand the unfathomable truth that is the joy and pain of relationships

That writing about/examining the relationship of a black man and a white woman at its interior does not have to turn into an exercise in anger/frustration/self-inspection/self-defense

That waiting by the email for THAT PERFECT STORY to show up in the 'inbox' can make you lose your lunch

That doing what your heart tells you and your dreams confirm, feels like making love

Lorraine and James: A Literary Journal

-Read Something.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I have thousands of great stories....

I have thousands of great stories pouring in from all sides. I have thousands of great stories pouring in from all sides. I have thousands of great stories pouring in from all sides. I have thousands of great stories pouring in from all sides. I have thousands of great stories pouring in from all sides......

This is like what, the power of positive thinking? Having what you say? Affirmative statements? Affirmative actions? Truths that, if they were, would set me free? The things I see in my sleep? Wishful thinking as I'm surfing the internet looking for the next Hemingway, Beatty, Baldwin, Gornick, Hansberry, Morrison, Karbo, YOU?

Oh, Hi guys.

Lorraine and James is accepting your BEST short fiction, creative non-fiction and essays. Email all submissions to lorraineandjames@yahoo.com


Lorraine and James: A Literary Journal

-Read Something. (and write something!)

Say What!!!???

In response to am email from a woman who wanted to know how set up a blog, I emailed her the Blogger address and told her that setting it up was easier than peeing. PEEING?! HAVE I LOST MY MIND?! Would you happen to know where my mind is?


Lorraine and James: A Literary Journal

- Read Something.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Responding to great work

I have just sent out my first response to a submission. The story was good. I read it once and twice and a third time and understood after each read that it was a story worth asking the author to take another look at. I made some observations and suggestions and the entire time I was hoping I wasn’t sounding pretentious or like a faux-scholar. I hope it came off more like suggestions from a reader who felt like some things were just not clear, illuminated or mentioned. Someone saying to the author, “Please tell me more about this character/place/situation that I am enjoying so much.” While I was writing the critique (if we must name what I did) I was thinking how long am I going to be able to do this? Take this kind of time to give a writer feedback and hope that it is encouraging enough for them to take a second look at work they have surely spent great deals of time on already and re-submit? I hope I can do it forever. It felt cool.

I should get back to work.

Just thinking publicly,

Lorraine and James

Read Something.

Something for the people

I am creating this web log so that those who are interested can follow the process of creating Lorraine and James: Literary Journal. Since I have no mapquested route on this one, no definate idea of how this is going to work out, only that it definately must, this should be something for the history books, or at least the weblogs of other people as insanely determined as me.

So I guess I just start with the basics. I have been fielding submissions for the journal, some good, some great, some directly in contrast to what the submission guidelines state (This is NOT good or nice.) Yet I have to admit that no matter how many stories I read but can not use, I am never tired of opening up the mailbox and seeing the names of people as determined as New York cabbies in traffic, to take their literary places in the world. To this I say, keep it coming.

To every writer, tell a friend and tell a friend to tell a friend that there is a new kid in town and he's dying to get on the scene and shine. Come on yall let's shine.

By the way, I think I've got a great one today.

Lorraine and James

Read Something.