Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Some praise for Vol.1 Issue 1

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Yesterday my issue of Lorraine and James arrived in the mail and I spent this morning reading Anita's wonderful essay! I'm so proud of her! I read A Slight Case of Hypomania in its early stages and am so moved by the progress she has made with it- not that it needed much improvement- but I'm astounded by the amount of depth she's added to her voice in the rewrites. The inaugural issue of this journal has a wonderful story by Debbie Ann Ice called Sculpting. I read this piece thinking it was an essay (non fiction) and was disappointed to find out that it is fiction. Not that being fiction dilutes the quality of the story, but I really believed it and it was somewhat a letdown for me, although this is perhaps the highest compliment to pay a fiction writer.

Click HERE to order a copy of this issue or to read a snippet of Anita's essay.

Also, I really like the last section of this journal called "Some of my all-time favorites" where the contributors name the books that have had the most influence upon themselves and their writing.

We like that. And we like you Mr. Vandegrift! Thank you for spreading the word.

Lorraine and James

Friday, August 26, 2005

Come on, let's hear it!

If you are one of the first fortunates to crack the pages of Lorraine and James Vol. 1 Issue 1, take a minute to tell all the boys and girls what you think. Go ahead, we can take it!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Now for a quick announcment.....

We have been waiting for so long. (And when I say we I mean me, but feel free to take a deep breath if you had been holding it.)

The wait is over. And had the wonderful unsuspecting passersby at the Woodland Hills Marriott known the significance of the wait finally being over, they would have been less perplexed by the sight - and sound - of a frantic brown girl sitting on a low brick wall, with what looked like a book clutched tight to her chest screaming repeatedly at the top of her lungs, “OHMYGOD!” until the back of her throat felt raw and useless.

This was my reaction to holding Lorraine and James in my hand for the very first time. It was a feeling loosely akin to what I felt like on the day that little-man and baby-girl were born. Pure magic.

Lorraine and James is here.

Immediately after all of the screaming, I thanked every writer who sent in a story to our little unknown literary project and held enough trust in their hearts to let us handle their most valuable works. But…..alas none of you were there to hear my tiny, choked offering and so here in front of god and all of mankind I say, thank you. Really.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Lorraine and James

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