Thursday, September 08, 2005

Here's what they think about us......

From The BackList |

New issues of Mosaic Literary Magazine and Lorraine and James have published. Not only do both issues look good, they are filled with literary substance.

I have to congratulate Jasai Madden, editor of Lorraine and James on the first issue. It is absolutely wonderful.

Also note that both magazines are looking for contributions. Visit their websites for more info.

From Erika Dreifus, editor of The Practicing Writer

Dear Jasai:

Thank you so much for the copy of Lorraine and James, which arrived a
few days ago. It's a wonderful journal; I'm very impressed! I
especially enjoyed the interview with Nicholas Montemarano and the
stories by Pamela MacIsaac, Daniel Jaffe, and Debbie Ann Ice. I also
appreciated having the contributors' comments on the "stories behind
the stories" (and poems and essays), so to speak. That's a lovely
addition to a contributors' notes section.


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